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Cyber Crime and Digital Evidence: Materials and Cases

Creator: Thomas K. Clancy | Law - 2014-11-25

I. This case began with the lawful seizure of seven pieces of digital media during the course of a child pornography investigation. ... media: two laptops — a 320gigabyte (“GB”) Dell Studio laptop and a 160 GB laptop; and five external hard drives — a 1.5terabyte (“TB”) Seagate external drive, a 1TB Western Digital MyPassport external drive, a 1TB external drive, a 500GB Western Digital external drive, ...

Publisher: LexisNexis

About this book
Cyber Crime and Digital Evidence: Materials and Cases is designed to be an accessible introduction to Cyber Crime and Digital Evidence. The title illuminates two significant aspects of this book. First, cyber crime is only a subset of a much broader trend in the criminal area, which is the use of digital evidence in virtually all criminal cases. Hence, it is important to understand the legal framework that regulates obtaining that increasingly used and important evidence. Second, this book provides a broader framework than an endless stream of cases offers. Law students deserve the broader context and, hopefully, will get some of it with this book. The second edition includes new cases, particularly United States Supreme Court cases on searching cell phones, have begun to add clarity and needed guidance to the acquisition of digital evidence procedures required of law enforcement. New technology and case law discussing the impact of that technology have been added throughout the book. The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

100 pages

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But the introduction of 320GB and 500GB 2.5-inch mechanisms means that these external drives—even models with the lower of the ... 320 3X, and the Western Digital My Passport Elite) now probably store considerably more than the hard drive humming away inside your hulking mainstream desktop. ... A pair of 250GB drives and a 160GB, for example, would give you about 380GB of protected storage.

About this book
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314 pages

Hard Drive!, As the Disc Turns

Creator: Gordon Hughes | Fiction - 2007-12

Hard Drive! is a fascinating novel that tells the story of Seagate Technology as a Silicon Valley startup company, facing countless technical and business challenges.

Publisher: Gordon Hughes' Hard Drive!

About this book
Gordon Hughes' Hard Drive! is the remarkable story of Seagate Technology, as it confronted and overcame the technical and business challenges as the pioneer in computer hard disks for personal computers.

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