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Atari Disk Drive 1050 Floppy

Atari Disk Drive 1050 Floppy Disk Drive New In Box - Bookshelf

328 pages

VINTROPEDIA - Vintage Computer and Retro Console Price Guide 2009

Creator: Michael Starr, Craig Chapple | 2008-07-09

... 10.00 atari xe series cassette deck atari xc13 cassette deck 10.00 atari xe series disk drive atari xf351 3.5" floppy disk drive ... atari xl series modem atari 1030 300-baud modem 12.00 atari xl series disk drive atari 1050 5.25" floppy disk drive ...

Publisher: Lulu.com

About this book
Covering a time span of 1968 to 1998, and encompassing a spectrum of over 14,000 items across the history of the computer, console, accessories and software markets, the Vintropedia 2009 Price Guide is the definitive resource to a collector's needs.Included within are prices (in GBP), machine specifications, regions of origin, release dates, model names, publishing companies, old ads and more! Look no further than Vintropedia, a guide created by collectors, for collectors.

Early Home Computers

Atari responded with the Translator Disk, a floppy disk which loaded the older 400/800 Rev. ... came with the notoriously buggy revision B. Later models used revision C. Disk Operating System The standard Atari OS only contained very low -level routines for accessing floppy disk drives. ... DOS 3.0 - Came with 1050 drive.

Publisher: PediaPress


Electronic data processing - 1987-01

On the full-color scrolling map the German player must drive deep into Russia to capture Moscow. The Soviet ... Atari Disk Unfix I own an Atari 130XE and a 1050 disk drive. ... External floppy drives can be either single- sided or double-sided. ... If you have an interesting home application, educational program, programming utility, or game, submit it to COMPUTEI, P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, NC 27403.

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Atari 1050 Disk Drive (Reconditioned, Like New Condition) Includes U.S. 110 Volt Power Supply, 3 foot / I/O Cable and 1050 Owners manual with DOS 2.5 Disk.

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