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169 pages

Spline Models for Observational Data

Creator: Grace Wahba | Mathematical statistics - 1990

This book serves well as an introduction into the more theoretical aspects of the use of spline models.

Publisher: SIAM

About this book
This book serves well as an introduction into the more theoretical aspects of the use of spline models. It develops a theory and practice for the estimation of functions from noisy data on functionals. The simplest example is the estimation of a smooth curve, given noisy observations on a finite number of its values. The estimate is a polynomial smoothing spline. By placing this smoothing problem in the setting of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces, a theory is developed which includes univariate smoothing splines, thin plate splines in d dimensions, splines on the sphere, additive splines, and interaction splines in a single framework. A straightforward generalization allows the theory to encompass the very important area of (Tikhonov) regularization methods for ill-posed inverse problems. Convergence properties, data based smoothing parameter selection, confidence intervals, and numerical methods are established which are appropriate to a wide variety of problems which fall within this framework. Methods for including side conditions and other prior information in solving ill-posed inverse problems are included. Data which involves samples of random variables with Gaussian, Poisson, binomial, and other distributions are treated in a unified optimization context. Experimental design questions, i.e., which functionals should be observed, are studied in a general context. Extensions to distributed parameter system identification problems are made by considering implicitly defined functionals.

256 pages

Sexual Intelligence, What We Really Want from Sex--and How to Get It

Creator: Marty Klein | Health & Fitness - 2012-02-07

This is not your standard sex book.

Publisher: Harper Collins

About this book
This is not your standard sex book. Sex therapist, sociologist, and Psychology Today contributor Dr. Marty Klein goes beyond the sex manuals to reveal how our mindsets during sex are more important than any tricks or techniques—and that the way to a healthier, more exciting, more fulfilling sex life lies in first developing our sexual intelligence. This book is the antidote to the many gimmick-oriented sex guides and manuals; Dr. Klein shows us how to reorient how we think about sex in order to experience a truly different way of being sexual.“Marty Klein is the Steve Jobs of sex advice. . . . Sexual Intelligence is a work of enormous wisdom and expansiveness, and will inspire readers, regardless of age, to realize their full sexual potential.”  —Ian Kerner, best-selling author of She Comes First

288 pages


Creator: Elizabeth E. Guzman, Paloma Lapuerta, Matilde Castells, Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro | Foreign Language Study - 2014-02-04

Recognizing the primacy of the relationship between culture and language, the newSixth Edition of Mosaicos places culture up front and center, and everywhere in-between!

Publisher: Prentice Hall

About this book
The 6th edition of Mosaicos Volume 3: Spanish as a World Language provides a fresh, 2lst-century perspective on language teaching and learning in the context of a dynamic introduction to the Hispanic world and its people. Rich contextualization of vocabulary combined with contextualized, functional grammatical instruction gives students an authentic, communicative introduction to the Spanish language.  Deeply integrated culture and detailed listening, speaking, reading and writing practice bring all the pieces together for today's students.   NOTE: This is just the standalone volume 3 edition.

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