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92 pages

Piano Trios, Op. 49, Op. 66, Kalmus Edition

Creator: Felix Mendelssohn | Music - 1985-03-01

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

280 pages

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Creator: Allen Carr | Self-Help - 2014-01-01

This brand new edition has been written specifically for the US market and is based on the past five years of working with American smokers at our live seminars.

Publisher: Clarity Marketing

About this book
Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking is the world's most popular quit smoking title, with an 80+ percent market share in the smoking cessation category. First published in the UK in 1985, it has sold over thirteen million copies and has topped bestseller lists in nine countries. This brand new edition has been written specifically for the US market and is based on the past five years of working with American smokers at our live seminars.

178 pages

How to Break Software, A Practical Guide to Testing

Creator: James A. Whittaker | Computers - 2003

CD-ROM contains: Canned HEAT v.2.0 -- Holodeck Lite v. 1.0.

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

About this book
How to Break Software is a departure from conventional testing in which testers prepare a written test plan and then use it as a script when testing the software. The testing techniques in this book are as flexible as conventional testing is rigid. And flexibility is needed in software projects in which requirements can change, bugs can become features and schedule pressures often force plans to be reassessed. Software testing is not such an exact science that one can determine what to test in advance and then execute the plan and be done with it. Instead of a plan, intelligence, insight, experience and a "nose for where the bugs are hiding" should guide testers. This book helps testers develop this insight. The techniques presented in this book not only allow testers to go off-script, they encourage them to do so. Don't blindly follow a document that may be out of date and that was written before the product was even testable. Instead, use your head! Open your eyes! Think a little, test a little and then think a little more. This book does teach planning, but in an "on- the-fly while you are testing" way. It also encourages automation with many repetitive and complex tasks that require good tools (one such tool is shipped with this book on the companion CD). However, tools are never used as a replacement for intelligence. Testers do the thinking and use tools to collect data and help them explore applications more efficiently and effectively.

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TiVo - Wikipedia
A TiVo DVR serves a function similar to that of a videocassette recorder (VCR), in that both allow a television viewer to record programming for viewing at a later time.

TiVo Accessories| MoCa PoE filter |TiVo Roamio and Mini
The TiVo Roamio DVR records up to 6 shows at once and 3,000 hours. Watch live and recorded TV anywhere, at any time. Works with your cable or HD antenna.

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Editor's picks

  • Western Digital

    WD 1TB My Book AV DVR Expander External Hard Drive - USB 2.0 - WDBABT0010HBK-NESN

    CE (Western Digital)
    List Price: $169.99

    AV-optimized for smooth playback on your TV
    High-capacity DVR expander
    A convenient storage companion for your camcorder
    Small enough to fit in your entertainment center
    USB and eSATA interfaces for maximum flexibility. For information on compatibility, please refer Product Description

  • Western Digital

    My Book AV-TV USB 3.0 (1TB)

    PC Accessory (Western Digital)
    List Price: $98.75

    Perfect for high-quality TV recording- with a My Book AV-TV attached to your recordable TV, you can record, pause, rewind and fast- forward shows. Your entertainment plays by your rules, on your schedule
    24x7 reliability- Built with WD GreenPower Technology,TM the drive inside is optimized for the demands of reading and writing video as well as the high temperatures often found in entertainment centers. And, with standby mode and low-power consumption it's easy on your electricity bill.
    Super-fast USB 3.0 enables multiple HD streaming for simultaneous recording and playback when connected to a dual-tuner TV. Record your favorite sitcom while watching the big game and never miss a moment of the action.
    My Book AV-TV is built with an AV-optimized drive with ATA-7 AV standard that offers faster recovery times and continuous streaming for smooth video and audio performance.
    Compatibility - The WDBGLG0010HBK is compatible with most TVs with a USB recording feature including Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, SONY, Toshiba and Sharp || Warranty: 1 Year Seller Replacement Warranty

  • T-Power for WD Western Digital

    T-Power 12v 2a (6.6ft Long ) AC Adapter WD Western Digital 160 320 500 750 My Book / Personal Cloud / Studio / Essential / Seagate WA-18G12U Freeagent Hard Drive Wd Tv Hd Media Player Power Supply

    CE (T-Power for WD Western Digital)
    List Price: $11.99

    T-Power Made with the highest quality (( Extra Long 6.6ft cable cord )) Input Voltage Range: AC 100V - 240V ( 12v 2a ) 24w
    Compatible Models: WD Western Digital 160 320 500 750 GB 1 TB 1TB My Book ESSENTIAL WD2500I032-0 WD1600H1U-00 WD3200H1U-00 WD5000H1U-00, Seagate WA-18G12U Freeagent External Hard Drive HDD - Seagate Blackarmor Ws 110 ; P/n Wa-24e12 Wa24e12 Asian Power Devices APD 12v 2a Ac Power Supply Cord Charger Backup Desktop, Expansion , Desk , Desk Mac , Xtreme Theater , Theater+ , Dockstar Series/edition AC/DC Adapter Supply Power Cord Plug
    Compatible Models: My Book WDBAAG0020HCH-02 WD800B008 / Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Gen 1 Model Number: WD00AVN, WDAVN00B, WD00AVN, WDAVN00B, WD00AVP/WDAVP00B, WD00AVP, WDAVP00B, DA-24B12 AC, ADS-24P-12-2 1224G, ADS-24S-12 1224GPCU, WA-24C12U, S018BU1200150, WA-24E12, WA-18G12U, WA-24C12U APD, DA-36G12, WDPS037RNN, WDPS038RNN.// WD My Book Studio , Home , Office , Essential WDBAAF0010HBK-01, WD10000H1NC-00 1 : DA-24B12 AC .ADS-24P-12-2 1224G .ADS-24S-12 1224GPCU .WA-24C12U
    Western Digital Wd Tv Live Hd Media Player Wdxu800bbrsk Wdxub1200bbne Wdxub1200bbnn Wdxub1200bbnu Wdxub1600bbne Wdxub1600bbnn Wdxub1600bbnu Wdxub2000jbne Wdxub2000jbnn Wdxub2000jbnu Wdxub2500jbne Wdxub2500jbnn Wdxub2500jbnu Wdxub3200jbne Wdxub3200jbnn Wdxub3200jbnu Wdxub4000kdne Wdxub4000kdnn Wdxub4000kdnu Wdxub800bbne Wdxub800bbnu Wdxul1200bbne Wdxul1200bbnu Wdxul1600bbne Wdxul1600bbnu
    Wd Tv Live Hd Media Player Wdavn00bn Wdbaan0000nbk- ESN Wdbaap0000nbk-eesn Wdbabf0000nbk-nesn Wdbabg0000nbk Wdbacc0020hbk-00 Wdbacc0020hbk-eesn Tv Mini , Wd My Book External Hard Drive HDD Wdxu400bbrnx Wdxu800bbrne Wdxu800bbrnn Wdxu800bbrnq Wdxu800bbrnu Wdxu800bbrnx Wdxu800bbrsa Wdxu800bbrsh

  • Western Digital

    WD My DVR Expander 1 TB eSATA External Hard Drive

    CE (Western Digital)
    List Price: $159.99

    Soft amber LED screen is easy to read and helps avoid annoyance at night
    Firmware updates from Tivo that need to be downloaded to Tivo boxes before they will work with our new DVR Expander
    Cool operation
    eSATA interface
    Instantly add up to 120 hours of high-definition TV or up to 600 hours of standard-definition TV to your eSATA-enabled DVR

  • WD

    WD WDBABT0010HBK-NESN Western Digital Wdbabt0010hbk-nesn My Book Av Dvr Expander 1tb Drv Usb

    PC Accessory (WD)

    This part is guaranteed to be fully functional, original and authentic.
    Please ensure that your original part number matches this exactly, or check with the manufactuer for compatiblity. Customers are responsible for compatiblity.

  • WD

    Western Digital My Book AV WDBACS0010HBK-NESN 1 TB External Hard Drive

    CE (WD)
    List Price: $135.54
    Price: $85.00
    You Save: $50.54 (37%)

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