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177 pages

I Can Make You Sleep, Overcome Insomnia Forever and Get the Best Rest of Your Life

Creator: Paul McKenna | Health & Fitness - 2009

Offers a system to help reset the body's natural sleep mechanism in order to improve both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

About this book
Following the huge success of his blockbuster weight-loss program, Paul McKenna has created a groundbreaking new book-and-CD set that will be welcomed by millions. It reveals the secrets of getting regular, deep, refreshing sleep—and banishing insomnia for good. McKenna understands the frustration of not getting a good night's rest, and his trademarked system—which consists of the book and CD working in harmony to reset your body's natural sleep mechanism—is the solution every insomniac has been waiting for. Whether you find it difficult to fall sleep, wake frequently during the night, or get up too early, his method both increases the amount of sleep you enjoy and, crucially, improves its quality. And, one of the best things about McKenna's technique, which took him 20 years to develop, is that you needn't “believe” in it: just follow his instructions, listen to the CD, and watch what happens.

460 pages

Great Big Book of Business Lists

Creator: Courtney Thurman, Ashlee Gardner | Business & Economics - 2006-04-25

Thoroughly researched and precisely organized, it's the most comprehensive book of business lists ever compiled. Plus, even more lists are included on the enclosed CD-ROM.

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

About this book
Thousands of answers and resources, right at your fingertips This one-of-a-kind reference guide from the small business experts at Entrepreneur offers a treasure trove of data aimed at starting and growing a business. Meticulously researched and compiled by members of the USC Entrepreneur Club, the comprehensive information, presented in list form, includes a record amount of facts, figures, tips, and resources relating to every aspect of small business. One thousand lists are methodically organized for easy access, with two specially formatted Tables of Contents that double as indexes. The first separates lists into sections chronologically, from starting to selling a business and everything in between; the other identifies information targeted to a particular industry category: franchises, home-based businesses, online businesses, service companies, and more. All the vital decision-making information an entrepreneur could need is now available in a single source.

37 pages

I Spy, Mystery, A Book of Picture Riddles

Creator: Jean Marzollo | Juvenile Nonfiction - 2005-03-01

Rhyming verses ask readers to find hidden objects in the photographs.

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