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Lacie D2 200gb External Drive

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Creator: Information Access Company | IBM Personal Computer - 2003

In our tests of the $449 LaCie D2 200GB external drive — which works with Fire Wire 800 as well as with the older ... Your older FireWire equipment will not run any faster, and you must buy new cables to attach older four-pin devices to the ...


Commercial art - 2005

LaCie USB or Fire Wire Hard Drives - Portable and stackable - only 1 1 .2 xl 8.8 x3.5cm - Sleek, robust enclosure ... ideal for DV Video or multitrack audio FireWire or USB2.0 versions - cables included • Compatible with Windows® backup utility ... 200GB, 250GB LaCie Triple Interface, FireWire 800/400 & USB2. 0 d2' Hard Drives Sleek, aluminium heat dissipating robust ... LaCie Serial ATA External 'd2' Hard Drives Revolutionary SATA interface transfers up to 1 50MB/s Alternative to ...

152 pages

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OOOOO LaCie d2 DVD-RW 16X This dual-layer external DVD burner has an auto-sensing dual FireWire-USB 2.0 interface and ... A single 3.5inch drive holds as much as 400GB, and the market sweet spot is currently 200GB to 250GB for $100 to $200. ... Then buy any standard internal hard drive (cost is roughly $1 per gigabyte), slip it in place, secure four screws, and attach the power and signal cables ...

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