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250GB Dynamo Maxtor 2SOGB OneTouch External Hard Drive In HWM July, we reviewed the Maxtor Personal Storage 5000DV external hard disk drive. The one we tested had 160GB and came with an 8MB cache. This time we're doing ...

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Maximum PC


Both sport a 250GB capacity, 7,200rpm rotational velocity, 8MB of cache, and the exact same software. ... Maxtor's 250GB One Touch drive is similar to the Media Center in that it's based on its maker's creme de la creme product — in other ...

96 pages

Maximum PC


Maxtor OneTouch 250GB External Hard Drive Model* A01A250 $58.oo Samsung 40GB 7200RPM Light & Slim IDE Hard Drive Model* SP0411N OEM $86.°° Mushkin 184-pin 512MB DDR SDRAM PC-3200 64Mx64-bit 95.°° Sandisk Cruzer ...

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Maxtor Onetouch 4 - Not being recognized - Storage
How to get my maxtor onetouch 4 plus 640 gb to reinstall; Maxtor One Touch III; CES 2006: Maxtor announces OneTouch external hard drive series up to 1 Tb

Maxtor Onetouch-Not Sure Why It is Not Being Recognized ...
jamesrwright, I had a similar problem with a maxtor one touch 300GB drive. One day, about two months of use, the drive contents could not be accessed.

OneTouch | Seagate
This software contains a setup program that will update all previous versions of the Maxtor OneTouch Settings application for original Maxtor OneTouch drives.

How to fix unresponsive Maxtor OneTouch external harddrive ...
My Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus external hard drive is no longer recognized by my computer. What should I do? (Besides cry)

OneTouch 4 - Frequently Asked Questions - Seagate
Frequently asked questions for OneTouch 4 drives, including information on the Maxtor Manager, its backup and sync capabilities, and encryption.


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