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Wd 250gb Mini Portable Usb 2.0

Wd 250gb Mini Portable Usb 2.0 External Hard Drive - Bookshelf

182 pages

PC Mag


The Portable Hard Drive was at the bottom of the pack in performance, HI-GI-\lN"" WIFI BOOSTER & ANTENNAS t * ' - ' ... ION Drive USB L0 00:27 148 00:51 78 Iomega HDD 250GB USB 2.0/ FireWire 400 00:33 121 01:19 51 FireWire External Desktop Hard ... FireWire 400 00:26 154 01:04 63 S t 200 I ea“ ° GB E“°"' a "am °""° use 2.0 00:29 13s 01:10 s1 Western Digital ... NetDisk Mini PORTABLE DISK-BASED USB 2.0 CMS ABSpIus USB 2.0 D0246 87 01:25 CODi 40GB USB 2.0 Hard ...

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1200 pages

Upgrading and Repairing PCs

Creator: Scott Mueller | Computers - 2011-08-11

In this edition, Scott Mueller offers true insider information about several of the key components in a PC, including hard disk drives, power supplies, motherboards, and more.

Publisher: Que Publishing

314 pages

Hard Drive!, As the Disc Turns

Creator: Gordon Hughes | Fiction - 2007-12

Hard Drive! is a fascinating novel that tells the story of Seagate Technology as a Silicon Valley startup company, facing countless technical and business challenges.

Publisher: Gordon Hughes' Hard Drive!

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