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Western Digital Firewireusb

Western Digital Firewireusb 2.0 Combo Special Edition 250 Gb - Bookshelf

96 pages



250GB: Hard. Bisk. Orives. Some of the major challenges and concerns today include higher data transfer rates, precision ... External Hard Drives (FireWire/ USB 2.0) New or Coming Soon *FireWire ... While the internal IDE drive market is seeing a change in interface speed technology, the external combo hard drive market is heating up too. ... 80GB Barracuda Serial ATA V (SATA) 200GB WD Caviar Special Edition & High-Performance (PATA 100) Jupiter J360 60GB ( PATA 100) HDD ...

PC World

Creator: Information Access Company | IBM Personal Computer - 2003

800-343-7530 call for special government and educational pricing. ... for data management and disc creation $75.49 storage center usb 2.0 7200 rpm external hard drives Western Digital ... FW Combo $299 99 Maxtor 250GB 5000DV USB 2 0 8. ... Firewire/USB Powered No A/C adapter to haul around • Mac 8 6 - OSX or greater and Windows* 98, 98SE, 2000. ... 99 | Symantec Antivirus Small Business Edition 8.0 15-User) $243.49 Macromedia Flash MX for Windows $468 49 Adobe  ...

263 pages

Maximum PC Guide to Building a Dream PC

Creator: Will Smith | Computers - 2004

Presents step-by-step instructions for building a PC along with buying advice for videocards, soundcards, speakers, DVD drives, and other components.

Publisher: Que Publishing

About this book
The moment you've been waiting for is finally here. Maximum PC has expanded its bestselling "Building a Dream PC" issue to bring you the more complete Maximum PC Guide to Building a Dream PC. This full-color layout packed with pictures, illustrations and infographics that will show you how to build the perfect PC from the ground up. Written by the top two voices in PC hardware technology, Maximum PC and Que, you will also learn how to tune, optimize and backup your dream PC once it's built. No stone is left unturned in this step-by-step guide, as it give you tips on how to find the best prices on parts, assemble the PC and tweak the BIOS to maximize performance. PC lovers, look no further---your lifeline is here! --Publisher's description.


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