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Easy to carry around without the need for any external power supply, the USB- powered WD PASSPORT II tops off the charts when it comes to optimum portability -just plug it in and ... Portable hard drives are basically 2.5" or 1 .8" hard disks in an enclosure which connect to your PC via USB or FireWire. ... As of writing, the former are available in capacities up to 320GB, while the latter up to 160GB. ... They may not fit into your pocket, but you can still take them home without much effort.

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Singapore's leading tech magazine gives its readers the power to decide with its informative articles and in-depth reviews.

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ASUS Eee PC For Dummies

Creator: Joel McNamara | Computers - 2008-12-10

The other factor that limits a thumb drive's life is the USB connector. Manufacturers ... These are traditional external hard drives, with smaller enclosures, designed to be easily moved around (an example is shown in Figure 15-2). Just plug a ... USB hard drives come in a variety of sizes, but I like the small ones you can easily slip inside a pocket. These portable devices use small hard drives that limit the amount of available space (generally in the 120 to 320GB size range). If you don't ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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What can you do with your Eee PC? Find out how to get the most from this mini-laptop with Asus Eee PC For Dummies. It shows you how to get things done—using the Linux operating system and applications, navigating the tabbed desktop, adding hardware and software, backing up and restoring the Eee PC, and more. You’ll learn how to set up Windows, take advantage of all the pre-installed software, ensure that your computer is secure, and even run your Eee PC on solar power. You’ll find tips for configuring printers and changing touchpad settings, techniques for making Skype phone calls and listening to Internet radio, and advice for adding storage and peripherals. It also helps you: Take full advantage of this exciting, ultra-portable “netbook” PC Set up your wireless connection Make free Skype phone calls and video calls Use OpenOffice.org, Thunderbird e-mail, Mozilla Firefox, and other included applications Use the versatile OpenOffice productivity suite, including Writer for word processing, Calc for spreadsheets, and Impress for presentations Compare the advantages of Windows vs. Linux Discover the science, language, math, and art functions that kids can enjoy on the Eee Enjoy built-in games, watch videos, play music, organize and view photos, and more Boost storage and memory with SD cards and USB drives, go Bluetooth, and add a GPS Get the scoop on backups, explore the advanced desktop, and customize the user interface The Eee PC makes it simple to surf the Web, play games, work, and more. Asus Eee PC For Dummies makes it easier!

196 pages

Hard Drive, A Family's Fight Against Three Countries

Creator: Mary Todd | True Crime - 2014-08-01

This story, which is told from the unique perspective of Shane’s mother, Mary, recounts the family’s painful, arduous, and unwavering endeavor to reveal the truth about what happened to Shane Todd in Singapore.

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

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On June 24, 2012, Dr. Shane Truman Todd, a young American engineer, was found hanging in his Singapore apartment, just a week before his scheduled return to the United States. Although Shane had repeatedly expressed apprehension about his work with a Chinese company and fear his life was being threatened, authorities immediately ruled his death a suicide. His family initially didn’t know what to believe. However, upon arriving in Singapore, they realized the evidence suggested not suicide, but murder. Shane’s family later discovered that what they thought was a computer speaker was actually an external hard drive with thousands of files from Shane’s computer. The information in those files transformed this story from a tragic suicide to an international saga of mystery, deceit, and cover-up, involving three countries. “Hard Drive: A Families Fight against Three Countries” is the captivating story of Shane’s mysterious death and his family’s grueling battle to reveal the truth against powerful forces that have sought to conceal, destroy, or discredit evidence indicating homicide. This story, which is told from the unique perspective of Shane’s mother, Mary, recounts the family’s painful, arduous, and unwavering endeavor to reveal the truth about what happened to Shane Todd in Singapore.

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