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Iomega Portable Pocket 320gb

Iomega Portable Pocket 320gb Usb External Hard Drive Hd - Bookshelf

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It's USB and doesn't need a power cable. to worry about. Pocket drives are USB- only and work well with both notebook and desktop computers. They're also a ... Its twin 320GB drives can be set for RAID 0 (640GB capacity, best drive space and performance). The UltraMax ... Where it differs is that the UltraMax is sealed, meaning that if one drive fails you need to send the whole thing to Iomega service. ... External hard drives can be the insurance policy you take out on your digital life.

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IBM Personal Computer - 2005

The need for simplicity is why so many of today's external storage drives offer the ease of one-button backups. ... The first category features seven USB- and FireWire- connected hard drives suitable for single- PC backup. ... A few of the products stood out: In the single-drive category, we selected Western Digital's 320GB Dual-option Media Center as the ... If portability, not capacity, is your goal, see our review of pocket-size hard drives and USB flash-memory drives that you can use as ...

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Creator: Santiago Remacha Esteras | 2003-01

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