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226 pages

Afghanistan, Agony of a Nation

Creator: Sandy Gall | Political Science - 2010-10-31

This book is an account of Sandy Gall's last trip to Afghanistan in 1986 to report the war.

Publisher: Random House

About this book
This book is an account of Sandy Gall's last trip to Afghanistan in 1986 to report the war. It tells of his journey, with all its hardships and dangers, as well as explaining the background to the war including some dramatic pictures of the fighting. Sandy Gall chose to revisit the man he regards as the outstanding commander in Afghanistan, Ahmed Shah Masud, who is trying to organize resistance to the Russians on a regional and eventually national scale. The author views the war as Russia's Vietnam and believes it merits much wider attention. He believes it has been largely neglected because of the difficulties of the terrain and the length of time it takes to get to the remoter areas. For his work in Afghanistan, Sandy Gall - a Reuter correspondent for ten years and ITN "trouble shooter" since 1963 - was awarded the Lawrence of Arabia Memorial Medal in 1987.

240 pages

Emergence Christianity, What It Is, Where It Is Going, and Why It Matters

Creator: Phyllis Tickle | Religion - 2012-09-01

Praise for Emergence Christianity "You will find many wonderful things between the covers of this book: provocative questions and astute observations about sacred space, hierarchy, authority.

Publisher: Baker Books

About this book
Whatever else one might say about Emergence Christianity, says Phyllis Tickle, one must agree it is shifting and re-configuring itself in such a prodigious way as to defy any final assessments or absolute pronouncements. Yet the insightful and well-read Tickle offers us a dispatch from the field to keep us informed of where Emergence Christianity now stands, where it may be going, and how it is aligning itself with other parts of God's church. Through her careful study and culture-watching, Tickle invites readers to join this investigation and conversation as open-minded explorers rather than fearful opponents.As readers join Tickle down the winding stream of Emergence Christianity, they will discover fascinating insights into concerns, organizational patterns, theology, and most pressing questions. Anyone involved in an emergence church or a traditional one will find here a thorough and well-written account of where things are--and where they are going.

249 pages

Sermons for Christmas and Epiphany

Creator: Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.) | Religion - 1952

Publisher: Paulist Press

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