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Mac Life


The PhotoSmart D5160 ($89.99, www .hp.com) is HP's first inkjet printer that works with printable CDs and DVDs. Running out of hard drive space? G- Technology's G-Drive Q 1000 ($759, www.g-technology.com) houses a 1TB 7,200 rpm ...

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MacLife is the ultimate magazine about all things Apple. It’s authoritative, ahead of the curve and endlessly entertaining. MacLife provides unique content that helps readers use their Macs, iPhones, iPods, and their related hardware and software in every facet of their personal and professional lives.

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Scholarly Information Discovery in the Networked Academic Learning Environment

Creator: LiLi Li | Language Arts & Disciplines - 2014-09-10

Moreover, files cannot be saved to Google Drive, they have to be saved to small USB flash drives or large external hard drives. g ... Moreover, the free 100 GB or 1 TB Google Drive cloud storage that is avilable is only valid for 2 or 3-year limited terms at the time of writing. ... According to current technology standards set by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), broadband is 284 Scholarly ...

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
In the dynamic and interactive academic learning environment, students are required to have qualified information literacy competencies while critically reviewing print and electronic information. However, many undergraduates encounter difficulties in searching peer-reviewed information resources. Scholarly Information Discovery in the Networked Academic Learning Environment is a practical guide for students determined to improve their academic performance and career development in the digital age. Also written with academic instructors and librarians in mind who need to show their students how to access and search academic information resources and services, the book serves as a reference to promote information literacy instructions. This title consists of four parts, with chapters on the search for online and printed information via current academic information resources and services: part one examines understanding information and information literacy; part two looks at academic information delivery in the networked world; part three covers searching for information in the academic learning environment; and part four discusses searching and utilizing needed information in the future in order to be more successful beyond the academic world. Provides a reference guide for motivated students who want to improve their academic performance and career development in the digital ageLays out a roadmap for searching peer-reviewed scholarly information in dynamic and interactive cademic learning environmentsExplains how to access and utilize academic information ethically, legally, and safely in public-accessed computing environmentsProvides brainstorming and discussion, case studies, mini-tests, and real-world examples for instructors and students to promote skills in critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving

1505 pages

Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016

Creator: Kuinam J. Kim, Nikolai Joukov | Technology & Engineering - 2016-02-15

However, as more advanced technology developed, the size barely satisfy users due to large size from HD File. So, free storages ... Dropbox and Google Drive offer 1TB storage for 10$ a month and One Drive offer 1TB storage for 7$ a month .

Publisher: Springer

About this book
This book contains selected papers from the 7th International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA 2016) and provides a snapshot of the latest issues encountered in technical convergence and convergences of security technology. It explores how information science is core to most current research, industrial and commercial activities and consists of contributions covering topics including Ubiquitous Computing, Networks and Information Systems, Multimedia and Visualization, Middleware and Operating Systems, Security and Privacy, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Web Technology.                                                                   The contributions describe the most recent developments in information technology and ideas, applications and problems related to technology convergence, illustrated through case studies, and reviews converging existing security techniques. Through this volume, readers will gain an understanding of the current state-of-the-art information strategies and technologies of convergence security.  The intended readers are researchers in academia, industry and other research institutes focusing on information science and technology.   

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1 TB bus-powered hard drive - G-Technology
Portable FireWire® Drive for Apple MacBook Pro® G-DRIVE mobile features USB 3.0 and FireWire® interfaces, exceptional throughput performance, and up to 1TB ...

G-DRIVE® mini - 1 TB External Desktop Hard Drive | G ...
High-Speed Portable Hard Drive G-DRIVE mini is the perfect storage solution for users demanding high performance from their portable storage device. Featuring USB 3.0 ...

G-Technology 3TB G-DRIVE Mobile Portable Hard Drive - USB ...
Back up your MacBook and save files with ease with the G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile USB 3.0 3 TB External Hard Drive. Buy now from the Apple Online Store.


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