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528 pages

Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites

Creator: Robin Nixon | Computers - 2009-07-03

If you know HTML, this guide will have you building interactive websites quickly.

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
If you know HTML, this guide will have you building interactive websites quickly. You'll learn how to create responsive, data-driven websites with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, regardless of whether you already know how to program. Discover how the powerful combination of PHP and MySQL provides an easy way to build modern websites complete with dynamic data and user interaction. You'll also learn how to add JavaScript to create rich Internet applications and websites.Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript explains each technology separately, shows you how to combine them, and introduces valuable web programming concepts, including objects, XHTML, cookies, and session management. You'll practice what you've learned with review questions in each chapter, and find a sample social networking platform built with the elements introduced in this book.This book will help you:Understand PHP essentials and the basics of object-oriented programmingMaster MySQL, from database structure to complex queriesCreate web pages with PHP and MySQL by integrating forms and other HTML featuresLearn about JavaScript, from functions and event handling to accessing the Document Object ModelUse libraries and packages, including the Smarty web template system, PEAR program repository, and the Yahoo! User Interface LibraryMake Ajax calls and turn your website into a highly dynamic environmentUpload and manipulate files and images, validate user input, and secure your applications

272 pages

A Brief Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory

Creator: Stephen Frosh | Psychology - 2012-05-30

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

About this book
Psychoanalytic theory remains hugely influential to our understanding of the mind and human behaviour. It provides a rich source of ideas for therapeutic practice, while offering dramatic insights for the study of culture and society. This comprehensive review of the field: Explores the birth of psychoanalysis, taking the reader step by step through Freud's original ideas and how they developed and evolved. Provides a clear account of fundamental psychoanalytic concepts. Discusses the different schools of psychoanalysis that have emerged since Freud. Illustrates the wider applications of psychoanalytic ideas across film, literature and politics. Written by a highly respected authority on psychoanalysis, this book is essential reading for trainees in counselling and psychotherapy, as well as for students across the arts, humanities and social sciences.

288 pages

Corridors of the Night, A William Monk Novel

Creator: Anne Perry | Fiction - 2015-09-15

. This is one of her best as she continues probing . . . the dark impulses that haunt all human souls.”—Providence Journal “Pulls no punches and depicts Victorian London in all its corrupt glory.”—Bookreporter Praise for Anne ...

Publisher: Ballantine Books

About this book
Anne Perry, that incomparable novelist of life in Victorian England, has once again surpassed herself, with this twenty-first installment of her New York Times bestselling William Monk series. In Corridors of the Night, nurse Hester Monk and her husband, William, commander of the Thames River Police, do desperate battle with two obsessed scientists who in the name of healing have turned to homicide.   The monomaniacal Rand brothers—Magnus, a cunning doctor, and Hamilton, a genius chemist—are ruthless in their pursuit of a cure for what was then known as the fatal “white-blood disease.” In London’s Royal Naval Hospital annex, Hester is tending one of the brothers’ dying patients—wealthy Bryson Radnor—when she stumbles upon three weak, terrified young children, and learns to her horror that they’ve been secretly purchased and imprisoned by the Rands for experimental purposes.   But the Rand brothers are too close to a miracle cure to allow their experiments to be exposed. Before Hester can reveal the truth, she too becomes a prisoner. As Monk and his faithful friends—distinguished lawyer Oliver Rathbone and reformed brothel keeper Squeaky Robinson among them—scour London’s grimy streets and the beautiful English countryside searching for her, Hester’s time, as well as the children’s, is quickly draining away.   Taut with intrigue and laced with white-knuckled terror, Corridors of the Night is Anne Perry at her magnificent, unforgettable best.  Praise for Corridors of the Night   “[A] suspenseful, twisting narrative.”—Historical Novels Review   “Anne Perry has once again evocatively and meticulously conjured up Victorian London. . . . This is one of her best as she continues probing . . . the dark impulses that haunt all human souls.”—Providence Journal             “Pulls no punches and depicts Victorian London in all its corrupt glory.”—Bookreporter Praise for Anne Perry and Her William Monk novels   Blood on the Water   “One of Ms. Perry’s most engrossing books . . . gallops to a dramatic conclusion.”—The Washington Times   Blind Justice   “[Perry’s] courtroom scenes have the realism of Scott Turow.”—Huntington News   A Sunless Sea   “Anne Perry’s Victorian mysteries are marvels.”—The New York Times Book Review   Acceptable Loss   “Masterful storytelling and moving dialogue.”—The Star-Ledger   Execution Dock   “[An] engrossing page-turner . . . There’s no one better at using words to paint a scene and then fill it with sounds and smells than Anne Perry.”—The Boston GlobeFrom the Hardcover edition.

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