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200 pages

Apple Inc.

Creator: Jason D. O'Grady | Business & Economics - 2008-12-30

The MacBook Air was a revolutionary product for Apple, both because of its tiny size and full-feature set, but also because it was an entirely new ... Time Capsule comes in two models: a 500GB model for $299 and a 1TB model for $499. Apple  ...

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

About this book
Two guys named Steve, working in a garage, created a prototype computer designed to be different in a way no one thought possible: It would be easy to use. Those two Steves, one now a billionaire and still at the head of Apple, not only succeeded with that product, but they also broke ground in the business world in ways few thought possible: They proved you could not only have fun at work, but pursuing a capitalist dream could be hip. How did Apple do it? How did it go from making computers that made a difference but not much of a dent in the overall market to creating a device (the iPod) and a music service (iTunes) that has changed the way we buy and experience music? And how did the Macintosh and its successors capture the hearts and minds of computer users so deeply that being a Mac person makes you a member of a special club? That's what this book is all about.As author Jason D. O'Grady shows, Apple is a rare company—one that is not afraid to think about a future that does not exist and turn it into reality. Critics have written Apple off time and again, yet it rises from the ashes to astound the critics and delight its customers. That's not luck or happenstance—it's vision, dedication, and persistence. Besides delighting Apple aficionados, this book will inspire students eager to launch a business career or work in the technology sector. Apple has never been afraid to chart its own path, and readers will learn what makes the company tick.

124 pages



The MacBook Air will set you back by quite a bit, starting from S$2,988 all the way up to S$5,088, while the Time Capsule goes for S489 (500GB) or S$788 (1TB). Both are immediately available at Apple stores all over Singapore. Not exactly ...

About this book
Singapore's leading tech magazine gives its readers the power to decide with its informative articles and in-depth reviews.

96 pages

Mac Life


The Mall With It All! The best selection o The #1 Apple Direct Reseller! ... Apple Final Cut* Studio 2 #7236275 Apple AirPort Express" Base Station with AirTunes" #7449488 Apple ApertureTM 2 #7388599 Apple Time Capsule 500GB only 294!

About this book
MacLife is the ultimate magazine about all things Apple. It’s authoritative, ahead of the curve and endlessly entertaining. MacLife provides unique content that helps readers use their Macs, iPhones, iPods, and their related hardware and software in every facet of their personal and professional lives.

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Mac - AirPort Time Capsule - Apple
We’ve built a faster time machine. AirPort Time Capsule is designed to partner seamlessly with Time Machine in OS X Leopard or later to protect your data.

AirPort Time Capsule - Wikipedia
AirPort Time Capsule; Developer: Apple Inc. Manufacturer: Foxconn Pegatron: Type: Backup drive, AirPort Extreme base station: Generation: 5th: Release date: June 10, 2013

Refurbished Mac Accessories - Apple
Refurbished AirPort Time Capsule - 3TB Originally released June 2013 Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with AirPort Time Capsule, a wireless ...

Apple Inc. - Wikipedia
Apple is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software ...

Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop (128 GB ...
Buy Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop (128 GB) with fast shipping and top-rated customer service.Once you know, you Newegg!


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  • Apple Computer

    Apple Time Capsule MB276LL/A (AirPort Extreme Plus 500 GB Storage)

    CE (Apple Computer)

    Rating (123 reviews):
    Apple Computer

    Purchased in 2011! Still an Outstanding Peripheral!

    Having read some bad reviews on this Time Capsule, I was somewhat hesitant with my purchase. That hesitation disappeared when I found a like-new TC on Amazon for $88, including shipping. This is a Generation 1 TC and had been refurbished by Apple to address the dreaded power supply heat issue. Here is my experience:Connecting the Time CapsuleI read reviews about people spending hours or even days trying to connect the TC. I was up and running in about one hour. It would have been faster if I would have reset my cable modem before beginning. I also had to use the Airport utility to set the TC to work on 2.4ghz b/g so it would work with our iPhones. Once I had it connected to the Internet, I was able to log on with a MacBook Pro, an Acer netbook, a Dell laptop, an iPad, 4 iPhones, 2 TiVo units, an XBox 360 slim, and a Samsung wireless printer all at the same time, running faster than my old Netgear router provided.Time Capsule as a Router... 5/5 John A. Salem - See all my reviews, November 1, 2011

    Simple and Elegant

    I ordered a 500GB TimeCapsule from Amazon last week and received it in only 2 days using free Super-Saver shipping! Bravo Amazon!I bought the TimeCapsule along with the Mac Box Set (the 3-in-1 Apple software collection that includes OS 10.5.6, iLife 09, and iWork 09). Installing all the software updates and the TimeCapsule to my 2005 model iMac G5 was quick and easy. I can't believe I had put off adding a backup hard drive and a wifi network for so long. I've used Macs for over 20 years and have never had a hard drive failure, but with all the photos and music that I've compiled over the years I knew it was in my best interest to have a backup in place just in case. And, after getting an iPod Touch over the holidays, I was really interested in finally setting up wifi.The TimeCapsule is typical Apple: A simple and elegant design that is both functional and appealing. It's also space saving since it combines both a wifi router and an external hard drive... 5/5 R. Korte (Columbus, OH) - See all my reviews, March 4, 2009

    a little pricy, but worth it

    I upgraded my home network from a 802.11g Linksys wifi router / 4 port hub to this 802.11n Time Capsule. Not only did my internet connection get noticeably faster and more reliable, but my computer-to-computer networking speed increased DRAMATICALLY. They aren't lying about how much faster the 802.11n is!Another great selling point is the Time Capsule's always-on network drive. I don't use it as a wireless backup the way it is intended as all of my computers already have their own dedicated local backup drives. But I do use the network drive a lot. You see, I also have an Apple TV, which I do not use the way it's really intended either. I store all the content that I download off the internets on the Time Capsule network drive, then the Apple TV connects to the Time Capsule and thus has access to everything all the time. This way even with my computers asleep my Apple TV can read data from the networked drive which is always there.I have checked and haven't... 5/5 Daniel S. Dunnam (Brooklyn, NY USA) - See all my reviews, July 29, 2009
    List Price: $294.52
    Time Capsule can back up and store files for each Leopard-based Mac on your wireless network
    Works with Mac and PC
    A revolutionary backup device that works wirelessly with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard
    500 GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA server-grade hard drive gives you all the capacity and safety you need
    More than just a wireless hard drive, Time Capsule is also a full-featured AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n technology

  • Apple Computer

    Apple Time Capsule MB277LL/A (AirPort Extreme Plus 1 TB Storage)

    CE (Apple Computer)

    More than just a wireless hard drive, Time Capsule is also a full-featured AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n technology
    A revolutionary backup device that works wirelessly with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard
    Time Capsule can back up and store files for each Leopard-based Mac on your wireless network
    1TB hard drive designed to work with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard.
    Works with Mac and PC

  • Apple Computer

    Apple Time Capsule MB764LL/A 500GB

    CE (Apple Computer)

    For maximum range and compatibility, Time Capsule works simultaneously on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, allowing all the devices on the network to use the most efficient band automatically. And Time Capsule uses the latest 802.11n wireless technology so you can enjoy up to five times the performance and up to twice the range of 802.11g wireless networks
    Print documents, photos, and more from any room in your home or office to a central printer connected to Time Capsule via USB
    Now you can set up a separate Wi-Fi network with a separate password for your visitors. Simply enable the new guest networking feature, and your guests can use the Internet but can't access other parts of your private network, such as your computers, printers, and attached hard drives.
    Includes Time Capsule; CD with AirPort Utility (Mac and Windows); AirPort Disk Utility for Mac OS X v10.4 and Windows, 802.11n Enabler for Mac OS X v10.4, and Bonjour for Windows; Power cord; Printed and electronic documentation
    Connect your DSL or cable modem to Time Capsule, then quickly set it up with the easy-to-use AirPort Utility, which is included for both Mac OS X and Windows. Within minutes, you and up to 50 others can use your Mac computers or PCs to surf the web, stream video, share photos, and more without wires

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