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Cirago Usb 2.0 High Speed Usb

Cirago Usb 2.0 High Speed Usb Drive 60 Gb - Bookshelf

550 pages

Magnum Steno, Beginning Theory

Creator: Mark Tod Kislingbury |

Court reporting theory book

About this book
Court reporting theory book

271 pages

Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit, Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 7

Creator: Harlan A. Carvey | Computers - 2012

The primary focus of this edition is on analyzing Windows 7 systems and on processes using free and open-source tools. The book covers live response, file analysis, malware detection, timeline, and much more.

Publisher: Elsevier

About this book
Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit: Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 7 provides an overview of live and postmortem response collection and analysis methodologies for Windows 7. It considers the core investigative and analysis concepts that are critical to the work of professionals within the digital forensic analysis community, as well as the need for immediate response once an incident has been identified. Organized into eight chapters, the book discusses Volume Shadow Copies (VSCs) in the context of digital forensics and explains how analysts can access the wealth of information available in VSCs without interacting with the live system or purchasing expensive solutions. It also describes files and data structures that are new to Windows 7 (or Vista), Windows Registry Forensics, how the presence of malware within an image acquired from a Windows system can be detected, the idea of timeline analysis as applied to digital forensic analysis, and concepts and techniques that are often associated with dynamic malware analysis. Also included are several tools written in the Perl scripting language, accompanied by Windows executables. This book will prove useful to digital forensic analysts, incident responders, law enforcement officers, students, researchers, system administrators, hobbyists, or anyone with an interest in digital forensic analysis of Windows 7 systems. Timely 3e of a Syngress digital forensic bestsellerUpdated to cover Windows 7 systems, the newest Windows versionNew online companion website houses checklists, cheat sheets, free tools, and demos

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USB 2.0 Portable Drive | Seagate
USB 2.0 Portable Drive Support - Quick Start Guide, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, Downloads.

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