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Upgrading and Repairing PCs

Creator: Scott Mueller | Computers - 2009-12-10

With competition from USB flash drives (up to 16GB or larger), rewritable DVD ( 4.7/8.5GB), and external USB and FireWire hard disks (20GB and up), there are only two current product families left, both from Iomega. ... in a long time, they are likely to be discontinued as well: • Zip—Flexible media, with capacities of 100MB, 250MB, and 750MB • REV—Rigid media, with capacities of 35GB and 70GB ...

Publisher: Pearson Education

Take Control of Mac OS X Backups

Creator: Joe Kissell | Computers - 2004

Joe Kissell. drives. And MO media comes in many different formats and sizes— once you choose a media type, your future options may be limited. The latest development in MO is called UDO (Ultra-Density Optical), with disks that can hold as much as 30 GB each. ... The same is true of the now-discontinued Jaz drives, which support 1 GB and 2 GB Jaz disks. ... Iomega REV Iomega's latest removable-storage device, REV, uses rugged, hard disk-based cartridges that hold 35 GB each.

Publisher: TidBITS

Computing & Communications Africa

Computer networks - 2005

Iomega REV 35GB Flrewire Drive The new REV 35GB 1 394/FireWire drive gives Mac users an elegant, high-performance ... The REV FireWire drive features a distinct two-tone design in white and light grey specifically created to coordinate with other Mac peripheral products. In addition, each REV FireWire drive ships with one Mac-formatted REV disk, which can be easily reformatted for PC users, ...

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