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Smartdisk Fire Lite 40 Gig

Smartdisk Fire Lite 40 Gig External Hard Drive - Bookshelf

Mac Design Magazine

Computer graphics - 2003

It can produce borderless prints from a USB computer hookup or from flash cards in five formats. ... Jim Patterson MAC OESICN VERDICT FireLite 30-GB Drive Tiny, high-speed external hard drive We've been invaded by a tiny ... The latest is the Fire- Lite 30-GB Drive from SmartDisk. ... Available in 20-, 30-, or 40-GB models for FireWire or USB 2.0, the FireLite is only 3/4" thick with a 3.25x5" footprint.

100 pages

American Photo


E! SimpIeTech SimpleDrive D7200 60GB Portable External Hard Drive This small , sleek, and reliable unit is the first of its kind ... This means it can read and write pictures more than 40 percent faster than other such models. ... Both models are available in 20- and 40 GB capacities. .... SmartDisk FireLite Portable Hard Drives Available in capacities from 20GB to 80GB, these tiny bus-powered hard drives ...

542 pages

The iLife '04 Book

Creator: Andy Ihnatko, Tony Bove | Computers - 2004-11-05

But it's a $110 piece of kit and for that money, you can buy a 51 2-megabyte (MB) SD card, or a 1 gigabyte (GB) CompactFlash card. ... Wire disk drives, pi which many different makes and models exist, some smaller than the iPod (remember, the 40GB iPod is essentially a portable 40GB hard drive). ... Figure 19-2 The SmartDisk FireLite pocket-sized external hard drive (photo courtesy of SmartDisk)  ...

Publisher: Wiley

About this book
Mac star Andy Ihnatko delivers a fun, informative, full–color guide that shows Mac users everywhere how to make the most of Apple′s iLife digital media suite–iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD. Drawing on the cooperation of Apple Computer, Inc., Ihnatko and Bove cover the key features of each application in the suite, including ripping songs and working with a playlist (iTunes), editing and saving digital photo files (iPhoto), assembling picture and video clips into a home movie (iMovie), creating and burning DVD slide shows and movies (iDVD), and more! ∗ An invaluable book on Apple′s digital media suite by a well–known Mac guru ∗ Provides entertaining, real–world guidance and awesome tips in Andy Ihnatko′s inimitable style, as well as the occasional oddball "Easter Egg" chapter and, of course, a concluding chapter that offers answers to "Questions Your Aunt Might Ask You" ∗ Lavishly illustrated throughout, The iLife Book was developed in cooperation with Apple Computer, Inc. and covers iLife ′04

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