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455 pages

Fashionable Food, Seven Decades of Food Fads

Creator: Sylvia Lovegren | Cooking - 2005-06-01

Recipes for these "creations" and many more are extracted from classic cookbooks and family magazines of the past and present, and included here are both prewar working-class holiday dishes and fancy haute-cuisine feasts - as well as every ...

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

About this book
Though the Roaring Twenties call to mind images of flappers dancing the Charleston and gangsters dispensing moonshine in back rooms, Sylvia Lovegren here playfully reminds us what these characters ate for dinner: Banana and Popcorn Salad. Like fashions and fads, food—even bad food—has a history, and Lovegren's Fashionable Food is quite literally a cookbook of the American past. Well researched and delightfully illustrated, this collection of faddish recipes from the 1920s to the 1990s is a decade-by-decade tour of a hungry American century. From the Three P's Salad—that's peas, pickles, and peanuts—of the post-World War I era to the Fruit Cocktail and Spam Buffet Party loaf—all the rage in the ultra-modern 1950s, when cooking from a can epitomized culinary sophistication—Fashionable Food details the origins of these curious delicacies. In two chapters devoted to "exotic foods of the East," for example, Lovegren explores the long American love affair with Chinese food and the social status conferred upon anyone chic enough to eat pu-pu platters from Polynesia. Throughout, Lovegren supplements recipes—some mouth-watering, some appalling—from classic cookbooks and family magazines, with humorous anecdotes that chronicle how society and kitchen technology influenced the way we lived and how we ate. Equal parts American and culinary history, Fashionable Food examines our collective past from the kitchen counter. Even if it's been a while since you last had Tang Pie and your fondue set is collecting dust in the back of the cupboard, Fashionable Food will inspire, entertain, and inform.

457 pages

Gray Victory

Creator: Robert Skimin | United States - 1989-02-01

In this speculative historical novel, the South wins the Civil War, and Salmon Brown, the surviving son of abolitionist John Brown, leads a group of abolitionists on an attack to wipe out the Confederate leaders and force a return to war

Publisher: St Martins Press

About this book
The Civil War is over--and the Confederacy has triumphed. Bejewelled belles, diplomatic couriers, and dashing officers have turned the capital at Richmond into a bustling seat of power. A sweeping saga that paints history as it might have been in a colorful tapestry as vibrant as the compelling characters that fire its stirring pages. Martin's.

323 pages

Dress Design, Draping and Flat Pattern Making

Creator: Antiquity Press, Marion Hilllhouse | Dressmaking - 1948


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